Black Royal Figs

Black Royal Figs

The town of Markopoulo, where Varaba Country House is located, is famous for the cultivation of the local variety of figs, the Black Royal figs  – which are no more than the famous figs of ancient Greece. The figs of Attica were an essential ingredient in the diet of the people who lived in ancient Athens, who consumed them fresh and dried. According to Herodotus, Xerxes’ desire to enjoy these figs fresh made him set off to conquer the Attica basin!

These varieties thrive in the greater Markopoulo area as the climate which is hot and dry affected by the sea is ideal for the cultivation and harvesting of the figs. For Markopoulo Mesogaias is one of the most traditional crops with many trees to be over 60 years old.

These figs, the fruit of which is of excellent quality, sweet and tasty, are characterized by a deep violet, black uniform color. Fresh figs, besides being delicious, are also healthy and rich in sugars and proteins. Dry figs are of great nutritional value.

The figs are collected in August and are ideal for fresh consumption and production of jams, etc. Each year, 250 tons of black figs are exported and another 250 tons of Basil are available for domestic consumption.

Visitors to the Varaba Country House have the opportunity to visit the Fig Orchards of the wider area, try the local varieties and learn everything about figs and not only.

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